10 Culinary Herbs And Spices With Remarkable Health Benefits

3. Culinary herbs and spices with health benefits – Rosemary

You’ve probably had rosemary with lamb or chicken, but you most likely didn’t know that it is a great source of calcium, vitamin B6 and iron. Some of the explored health benefits of rosemary have been its abundant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals that help the immune system and blood circulation. Rosemary also has some extremely important active ingredients such as carnosic acid that has shown to protect against neural degeneration, especially in the hippocampus. Your hippocampus is responsible for consolidating short term memory into long term memory, and is often the first place to get hit with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Recent studies in oncology have also shown that it seems to have anti-inflammatory properties and slows propagation of leukemia and breast cancer cells. All in all, rosemary is one of the most potent herbs you could possibly have in your kitchen- and costs next to nothing compared to modern medicine.

How to use: Using it as a lamb or chicken rub for dinner is all well and good (especially if you combine it with a little thyme), but try branching out into fish, soups, and sauces. Also, infusing it in olive oil can be a great way to increase your usage and add a little extra flavor to all your savory dishes. Boiling water with rosemary can also serve as a home-made antiseptic. However, if you are feeling really adventurous, try incorporating rosemary into soap. It can relieve nasal congestion and fight aging by stimulating capillaries beneath the skin.

Health Benefits Of Rosemary

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