10 Exercises That Will Help to Improve Your Posture

10. Seated twists

Another rotational or twisting exercise.

How to do: Sit on the end of a sturdy bench or an inflatable exercise ball while holding a dumbbell or medicine ball at arm’s length and slowly rotate as far as you can left, pause, and then right and pause and repeat.

If you have access to a gym or free weights and cables at home, add these 3 resistance core training exercises:

Bent Over Rows – Bent rows work the trapezius muscles, which support good posture.

Lat Pull-Downs – The latissimus dorsi muscles (lats) muscle run along the sides of the back, strengthening the lats will help you to improve your posture significantly.

Reverse Flyes – Reverse flyes target small muscles in the back known as the “teres minor”, part of the rotator cuff. This muscle helps perform external rotation, transverse abduction and extension.

Seated twists

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