10 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

2. Garlic and Heart Disease

Garlic is widely known to reduce risk of heart disease in people consuming larger amounts of it, such as in the Mediterranean regions.

Aged garlic reduced hardening of the arteries and reduced deposit of cholesterol and fat into the artery wall in a rat study.8

Garlic may also benefit the heart by reducing cholesterol, arterial calcification, blood pressure, diabetes, and excessive clotting.9 10

Indian ancient medicine recommended garlic for the treatment of heart disease and arthritis for many centuries.

Human studies using garlic have found positive effects against abnormal clotting.11 Excessive clotting is often a culprit for heart attacks and strokes.

Garlic reduces the formation of thromboxane, a pro-clotting factor, and oxidized types of fat(lipoxygenase products) formed in platelets.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

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