12 Of The Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

3. Oats is one of the best breakfast foods for weight loss

Oats is an excellent breakfast choice for weight loss. Oats has been found to have the highest satiety (feeling of fullness) value of all breakfast meals. Researchers have also found the fiber in oats known as beta glucan can increase levels of the PYY hormone, which is associated with appetite control.[9]

LDL cholesterol levels are also reduced by beta-glucan, which can also improve insulin sensitivity and help to boost the immune system.

Takeaway: Choose rolled oats or steel cut oats over the instant varieties, and avoid sugar packed flavored oats. Rather sweeten your oats with honey, fruit or raisins. Oats can be part of a gluten free diet as they are naturally gluten free.[10] But they must originate from sources that guarantee it as gluten free as they are often contaminated with wheat when processed.

Oats for weight loss

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