10 Of The Best Foods To Help Boost Physical Energy

Not many years ago, if you were feeling a little tired and run down, you would grab a bottle of cola and a candy bar and enjoy the “buzz”, that brief energy boost that comes with sugar overload. But soon, the insulin rush caused by the corn syrup and 17 teaspoons of sugar would cause you to “crash”, leaving you even more tired and out of focus.

There are better ways to achieve that energy boost. Actually, there are 10 better ways to boost your energy level without the crash, 10 healthy meals or snacks that will help you make it through the day:

1. Almonds are one of the best foods to help boost physical energy

A handful (about one-ounce) of almonds will eliminate any magnesium and B Vitamin deficiencies that may be contributing to your low energy. People who are deficient in magnesium and B Vitamins experience fatigue, irritability and are unable to concentrate. A handful of almonds contain the same number of antioxidants as a cup of broccoli. Almonds provide energy, beneficial fats, magnesium, Vitamins B, E, and antioxidants.

What to do: Look for whole almonds with the skins intact as many of the healthy flavonoids and antioxidants are in the skin. Choose “dry roasted” almonds and read the nutrition label to make sure that no unhealthy preservatives, sugar, or corn syrup has been added.

Almonds For Energy

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