10 of the Best Ways to Help Boost Metabolism

10. Get enough sleep to boost metabolism

If you’re serious about improving your metabolism, carve out all the 8 hours of sleep into your schedule. Sleep deprivation lowers your metabolism, which in turn has shown to increase the risk of obesity. Sleep deprivation has shown to increase the “hunger” hormone, ghrelin, and suppress the “fullness” hormone, leptin. This causes you to feel hungrier more often, over eat, and struggle to lose weight. Sleep is something we all take for granted. But if you are trying to improve your metabolism, a good night’s sleep is an absolute necessity.[15]

What to do: Try to keep a schedule at night. An hour or so before you want to go to sleep, do the same routine every night. Have dinner, shower, read, and get in bed. Doing this repeatedly will teach your body to wind down and expect to sleep, making it easier for your to fall asleep. Remember not to do anything too stimulating before bed, like watching an action movie or exercising too close to bed time.

Get Enough Sleep To Boost Metabolism

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