10 of the Best Ways to Help Boost Metabolism

4. Spice it up to boost metabolism

If you want your body to burn, start with your tongue. Hot sauce, cayenne, chilies all contain a substance called capsaicin that can bolster your metabolism. Next time you are making pasta, thrown in some red chili flakes. Is your soup too bland? Throw in some cayenne to spice it up and burn an extra 10 calories every meal. Just a little fiery flavor can give your metabolism a quick boost. If your palette just can’t deal with the spice, have no fear! There are certain non-spicy peppers that contain dihydocapsiate (DCT) that can produce the same effects. Bottom line is, pile on the peppers![5][6]

What to do: Add some spice to your regular dishes. Eggs, sauces, pasta… you can put some cayenne pretty much anywhere. If you’re not big into spices, start small. Try a dash of Tabasco on your eggs or beans and work your way up!

5 spices to boost metabolism infographic

Image Source: Lauren Conrad

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