10 of the Best Ways to Help Boost Metabolism

6. Snack smart to boost metabolism

3 meals a day is great, but more often than not we get hungry in between as well. Instead of finding yourself randomly ravenous in between meals and grabbing a doughnut (‘cause Dunkin’ Donuts is easy and accessible everywhere), plan ahead. Keep healthy snacks like nuts, apples, fruit and nut bars, and bananas to snack on when you get hungry. This will keep your metabolism running smooth instead of nose-diving when you don’t have any fuel in your body. Snacking in between meals has shown to curb hunger and actually result in eating fewer calories during the day. It can prevent insulin spikes, keeps your blood sugar levels stable, and overall improve your metabolism. So don’t feel guilty for snacking as long as you’re healthy about it![9][10]

What to do: Keep some snacks in your bag, in your desk at work, or even in your car. Keeping some fruit, veggies, or nuts will help you make smart snack choices. Try something like nuts for the car, and maybe an apple or orange for your bag.


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