10 of the Worst Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

8. Processed meat is one of the worst inflammatory foods to avoid

There is a molecule in red meat called Neu5Gc, and this is not naturally produced by our bodies. Once this compound has been introduced into humans, the body will develop an antibody against it. This can start a reaction and cause inflammation that has been linked to both cancer and heart disease. The links to these diseases are even stronger in processed meats. It has caught so much attention that the International Agency for Research on Cancer issued a press release on the likelihood of red meat and processed meat being carcinogenic to humans.[8]

What to do: There is no need to quit eating red meat, but it should be limited to once per week if possible. Try changing to chicken or fish and seafood as an alternative. Processed meats, on the other hand, have no safe level, so it is advisable to not eat these at all. When buying meats, always choose the leanest cuts on offer, and meat that has been grass-fed or organically raised.

Processed Meat Is One Of The Worst Inflammatory Foods

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