10 Proven Habits of Happy People

2. Happy people know how to deal with adversity

Just because someone is happy doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to them. Research has shown that happy people actually thrive on adversity.[2] Handling situations in negative ways such as yelling, lashing out, or shutting people out can really harm personal relationships. So instead, find a way to deal with an issue without compromising your relationships, or your happiness.

What can you do? Write down a situation where you feel any kind of negative emotions. Then, write down a way to handle that situation. For example, let’s say a situation with a friend left you feeling angry, or resentful. You can look back at that situation and instead, feel grateful that you have that person as a friend, or forgive them. Seeing adversity in a new light can really help to relieve some of the tension negative emotions bring about.


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