10 Proven Health Benefits of the Almond

3. Almonds and cholesterol

Research has established that eating a variety of heart healthy foods which includes almonds can help decrease LDL cholesterol levels as much as statin medication.

Study participants who consumed almonds reduced their LDL cholesterol by almost 7%.[3]

Are almonds good for you? Nuts are good sources of several nutrients. The health benefits that they provide have prompted recommendations to eat more of them. They are also high in fat and are energy dense, raising questions about nut consumption and weight gain or weight loss. Almonds eaten as a snack in conjunction with a regular diet increases intake of several important nutrients. Including almonds in a diet can promote the natural exclusion of less nutritious foods. This in turn improves the entire nutritional quality of the diet.[4] Almonds are considered the nut with the most nutrients, when compared ounce per ounce or calorie per calorie.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans urge people to get the most nutrition possible out of the calories you eat.


Image Source: Nuts for Life

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