10 Proven Health Benefits of Beetroot

2 – Is beetroot good for liver?

One of the liver’s many functions is to filter and detoxify the blood and is largely responsible for the detoxification of the body. It works endlessly at detoxifying the blood, producing the bile needed for digesting fat, breaking down hormones and storing essential vitamins and minerals.The liver is also the only organ in the body that’s capable of regenerating large sections of itself. It’s vital for the overall health of the body to keep the liver functioning optimally.

Beetroot acts as a natural blood cleaner and detoxifier by cleansing the blood of waste and toxins by means of compounds known as glutathiones. The betalains found in beetroot help in forming the glutathione compound. Beetroot also contains the nutrient known as betaine, which is a lipotrope, something that prevents or reduces accumulation of fat in the liver. Beet consumption will help to support the liver, bile ducts and gallbladder, influencing fat metabolism and helping to lower blood fat levels. A healthy functioning liver will help break down fats more efficiently.

Studies in rats have confirmed the liver protecting properties of beetroot juice.[3][4]

beetroot cleanse juice

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