10 Proven Health Benefits of Beetroot

6 – Nitrate rich beetroot helps to reduce risk of gastric ulcers

Vegetables which are high in nitrates, like beetroot, provide the stomach protection from damage by converting nitrates into nitrites via the bacteria in the mouth and then transforming the nitrites into nitric oxide in the stomach. The protective mechanisms of the stomach’s mucous membranes are activated by the consumption of nitrate-rich beetroot, thereby reducing the risk of gastric ulcers.

Beets increase nitric oxide levels in the gastrointestinal tract

After consuming nitrate-rich beetroot, the saliva contains a large amount of nitrates, which the oral bacteria partially converts into nitrites. When swallowing the nitrites they are converted into nitric oxide by the acid gastric juice. This results in high nitric oxide levels in the stomach after consuming nitrate-rich beetroot. The blood vessels in the mucous membrane are widened by the nitric oxide, which increases the blood flow and regulates elimination of the mucus. This helps to develop a mucous membrane that’s more resistant.[10]

Antibacterial mouthwashes and oral flora

The bacterial flora in the mouth is important to this process of nitrates from food protecting the mucous membrane of the stomach. This means that antibacterial mouthwashes can eliminate the oral flora and nitric oxide levels from foods that increase nitric oxide are greatly decreased.

Treating gastric ulcers

For treating gastric ulcers, add a beetroot to cabbage juice, which is a proven cure for gastric ulcers.

Beetroot And Gastric Ulcers

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