10 Proven Health Benefits of Broccoli

10 – Broccoli for detoxification

Phytocheimcals in broccoli, and especially broccoli sprouts, help to detoxify and protect against carcinogens.

Broccoli for detoxification

Nutrients in broccoli

Though low in calories, broccoli is among the most nutrient-dense foods. Broccoli is a fantastic source of vitamins C, K and A, as well as fiber and folic acid. It’s a very good source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamins E and B6. In addition, it contains glucosinolates, phyto-chemicals with powerful anticancer properties.

Nutritional value of broccoli per 100g:

How many calories are in broccoli – 34
How much protein in broccoli – 2.8g
How many carbs in broccoli – 7g
What is the fat content of broccoli – 0.4g

History of broccoli

Broccoli ‘s been around for at least 2,000 years and originated from a wild cabbage native to Europe. It was improved upon by the Romans and is currently cultivated across the world. Broccoli was introduced to the United States in colonial times and made popular by Italian immigrants.

The United States, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan are the major broccoli producers. Ninety percent of the broccoli cultivated in the United States originates from California’s Salinas Valley and Santa Maria. During winter, it comes from Texas, Florida, Arizona and Washington.

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