10 Proven Health Benefits of Brown Rice

7 – Brown rice and weight loss

In a study of healthy and type 2 diabetes participants to determine the blood glucose response after eating a meal of brown rice in comparison to white rice, the total sugar released in vitro was 23.7 percent lesser in brown rice compared to white rice, thus helping to decrease the risk of weight gain. In healthy participants, the glycemic index and glycemic area were 12.1 percent and 19.8 percent less in brown rice compared to white rice, whilst in diabetics, the values were 35.6 percent and 35.2 percent less.[6]

In a study of forty overweight women between 20 and 35 years of age that were randomly divided into 2 groups who consumed meal replacements containing either white rice or mixture of brown rice and black rice, it was concluded that replacing meals with mixed rice was superior to white rice for weight control, and improved antioxidant enzyme activity, and as such, should be recommended for diet therapy in obese women.[7]

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

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