10 Proven Health Benefits Of Cabbage

2 – Cabbage juice for ulcers

One of the most extraordinary health benefits of cabbage was revealed when the effectiveness of cabbage juice for ulcers was first demonstrated in a small 1949 study.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
PMC: PMC1643665
The average healing time for 6 gastric ulcer patients consuming cabbage juice was just 7.3 days, compared to 42 days for patients receiving standard stomach ulcer treatment. The average healing time for 7 duodenal ulcer patients was only 10.4 days compared to 37 days average healing time in 62 patients receiving standard stomach ulcer treatment.

The anti-ulcer component of cabbage was at first referred to by the researchers as “vitamin U” (for ulcers), but was later identified as S-methylmethionine sulfonium chloride.2✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
PMC: PMC3283849
Vitamin U helps to boost mucin production, which is secreted by the mucous membranes, and assists in maintaining a protective layer on the surface of the stomach and esophagus.

Cabbage juice is also a good source of the antioxidant sulforaphane, which is an effective bactericide against Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes most peptic ulcers.

Other research has confirmed the benefits of juicing cabbage for treating peptic ulcers.3✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
PMID: 13276831

Is raw cabbage good for you?

Vitamin U is destroyed when heated, so it’s important that the cabbage is juiced raw for treating ulcers. Eating raw cabbage will also provide the same cabbage juice benefits for ulcers, although not as practical as drinking the cabbage juice.

How much cabbage juice for ulcers?

The participants of the 1949 study each drank 200ml of green cabbage juice 5 times throughout the day. Salt and pepper as well as tomato juice were used to add flavor, with 3 of the participants drinking a 75% cabbage juice and 25% celery juice mixture. The average time from all the study participants to heal was 9 days, with the fastest healing time 6 days and the longest 23 days.


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