10 Proven Health Benefits of the Cashew Nut

1 – Are cashews fattening?

Any food eaten in excessive quantities can result in weight gain, and cashews and other nuts need to be eaten in moderation because nuts are high in fat. Despite the fat in cashews and other nuts, clinical trials and epidemiologic studies indicate that eating nuts frequently is not likely to lead to obesity and eating cashew nuts could even help with weight loss.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: 10.3390/nu2070652

In one study that examined the diets of 8,865 men and women over 28 months, it was revealed that individuals eating 2 or more portions of nuts every week had a 31% reduced risk of weight gain in comparison to those who did not or hardly ever ate nuts.2✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
PMID: 17228038

Roasting cashew nuts

Research has also suggested that only about 84% of the calories in cashews is digested and absorbed by the human body.3✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
PMC: PMC6356908
Raw cashew nuts are recommended as the amount of calories absorbed by the body is increased when eating roasted cashews.

Nutritional value of cashews per 100g:

  •     How many calories in cashew nuts – 553
  •     How much protein in cashew nuts – 18g
  •     How many carbs in cashew nuts – 30g
  •     What is the fat content of cashew nuts – 44g

Facts About Cashews

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