10 Health Benefits of Potatoes (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

10. Potatoes for the muscles

Carbohydrates are an important part of a post-exercise recovery meal. Glycolysis is the breakdown of carbohydrates and it’s important that enough carbohydrates are consumed to fuel glycolysis during and after activity.

The carbohydrates from safe starches such as potatoes can rapidly replenish liver glycogen stores.[5] The potassium in potatoes is also vital for helping muscles contract.

Where do potatoes come from?

Potatoes are indigenous to Peru, where they have been cultivated by the Inca Indians since around 200 B.C. These vegetables were introduced into Ireland during the early part of the 16th century where they became popular. The tragic Irish Potato Famine took up to a million lives from disease and hunger.

The potato was taken to the U.S. by Irish immigrants during the early 18th century where it soon became extensively cultivated. Together with the United States, other main producers of potatoes are Poland, the Russian Federation, China and India.

The Potato Unpeeled Infographic

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