10 Health Benefits of Potatoes (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

4. Potatoes and cancer

Potatoes are high in lectins and while most kinds of lectins lead to adverse reactions, there are also lectins which could help in reducing incidence of some diseases.

Despite the fact that potatoes contain high levels of lectins, for most individuals they don’t result in any negative effects.

One study even discovered that some types of potatoes were associated with a decrease in inflammation.[3]

Research has also revealed that lectins like those present in potatoes inhibit cancer cell growth.[4]

Are potatoes good for you: The potato, more than maybe every other veggie, comes with an undeserved negative reputation that’s led a lot of health-conscious individuals to exclude them from their diet. Talk about ‘potato’ and folks assume ‘high-carbs, empty calories, fattening’. In fact, whenever prepared free of frying and served with no margarine, sour or cream butter, 1 spud has just 110 calories and lots of healthy vitamins and phytochemicals. Regrettably for potato chip and French fry lovers, those high cooking temperatures appear to destroy almost all of the healthy compounds inside a potato, leaving mostly starch and fat.
potatoes infographic

Image Source: Diabe TV

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