10 Health Benefits of Radishes (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

1 – Radishes and cancer

As with all the other cruciferous vegetables, radishes have compounds which exhibit cancer fighting potential.[1]

Radishes are full of vitamin C and have indoles and bioflavonoids which can help with the prevention of cancer.

Daikon radishes also have an enzyme called myrosi-nase which is believed to assist with digestion, and converts to isothiocyanates and thiocyanates in the presence of water, which could be involved in the anti-cancer benefits of the radish.

Researchers have also discovered that combing radishes with broccoli boosts the already potent cancer fighting power of the broccoli.[2]

Radish nutritional values per 100g:

  • How many calories in a radish – 16
  • How much protein in radishes – 0.7g
  • How many carbs in radishes – 3.4g
  • What is the fat content of radishes – 0.1g

Image Source: Live Love Fruit

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