10 Proven Health Benefits of Spinach

2 – Spinach and weight loss

Spinach could be the latest weight-loss aid curbing food cravings by nearly 95 per cent, new research has found.

Scientists have discovered that the green leaf membranes found in spinach known as thylakoids curb food cravings by almost 95%. Thylakoids reinforce production of satiety hormones, which results in better appetite control and increased weight loss.[1]

How to freeze spinach: The flavor of freshly picked frozen spinach is far superior to supermarket frozen spinach. Use only fresh spinach leaves for freezing spinach. Remove stems and rinse the leaves 3 x times, each time in clean water. Instead of blanching in boiling water, steam blanch the leaves for a couple of minutes to avoid losing nutrition. Leave to cool and drain in a colander. Vacuum pack into freezer bags and freeze until needed. Another method for freezing spinach is to puree it in a blender and freeze it in ice cube trays.

How to freeze spinach

How to freeze spinach

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