10 Proven Ways How Exercise Can Boost Your Happiness

4. Exercise boosts confidence

In simplest terms, your confidence is boosted because you feel better. You become more relaxed and confident as your lungs and heart become more efficient and stronger. You experience less joint pain and shortness of breath and soon your clothes fit better as your waist shrinks.

In a nutshell: Regular, frequent exercise will improve your self image and confidence[4], you will also experience:

  • A sense of achievement. Exercise increases your personal worth and sense of accomplishment as you take positive steps to improve your body and health.
  • Improved appearance. Exercise improves your body and your body image. You will stand straighter, taller and smile more often. You will feel more attractive and happy about how you look, increasing self-confidence.
  • Positive mindset. Exercise erases negative thinking and improves your attitude and mindset.
  • Exercise allows you to feel in control of your body and your health.
  • Promotes socialization. In the gym, the park, or at your yoga or dance class, exercise gives you an opportunity to meet people and socialize which adds to your confidence.
  • Provides competition. Exercising allows you to compete and challenge yourself or others. Exceeding your limits boosts your confidence level. Winning, even more so.
  • Improved sexual performance. Exercise improves sexual stamina and sexual performance providing both your ego and self confidence a boost.
Exercise boosts confidence

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