10 Proven Ways How Exercise Can Boost Your Happiness

5. Exercise reduces anxiety

The benefits of exercise extend beyond the relief of stress to include reducing anxiety and anxiety related disorders. A short brisk walk of 10 minutes may be just as effective as a 45 minute gym workout when it comes to anxiety relief. Exercise works quickly to improve your mood and outlook. Physically active people are happier and experience less anxiety than sedentary people.[5] The same brain response to neurotransmitters that help cope with stress and depression also help with overcoming anxiety. Exercise diverts your focus, burns unused energy, and uses up any excess cortisol in the bloodstream.

In a nutshell: Develop your exercise and fitness training plan and follow it. Exercise will provide the benefits listed in addition to improving the length and quality of your sleep, further reducing anxiety. Any exercise is good exercise, using your muscles and your heart, even at a relaxed pace will help reduce your anxiety symptoms.

Exercise reduces anxiety

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