10 Proven Ways to Help Boost the Immune System

2. Cut down on the refined sugar to help boost your immune system

Twinkies, M&Ms, and cupcakes always seem like a great idea when we are stressed or need a little pick-me-up. Sugary, chocolaty foods release endorphins that have a painkilling effect and make you feel happy, and while this makes you happy in the short-term, it doesn’t make your body happy in the long run. Cutting out refined sugar can help boost your immune system almost as much as quitting smoking does.[2]

What it does: Eating sugar impacts white blood cells by taking up space that should be filled by Vitamin C. Vitamin C and sugar have a similar molecular structure, so they compete to share space in the white blood cell. So, the more sugar in your body, the less Vitamin C you’ll have. While sugar tastes good, it doesn’t help your body fight infections. Eat more berries, fruit and honey if you have a sweet tooth instead of weakening your immune system with refined sugars.

the benefits of coconut palm sugar infographic

Image Source: Eating Disorder Pro

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