10 Proven Ways to Help Boost the Immune System

8. Stress less to help boost your immune system

Much like how sleep reduces stress hormones, being stress-free is also beneficial for your immune system.[8] Work, school, relationships, friendships, family- nowadays everything is a source of stress. Many colleges and schools report a huge rise of sick kids when finals come around. Prolonged stress can lead to anxiety and depression, which can lead to other, more serious, health problems. If you find yourself overly stressed, try meditating, getting massages,taking long relaxing baths, or listening music to reduce it (music has amazing health benefits!)

What it does: Chronic stress makes your body produce too much of the stress hormone, which depresses the immune system. “Chronic” means that the stress is frequent and ongoing, so repeatedly practicing relaxation techniques should hopefully take the edge off.

Stress Less Infographic

Image Source: Better Works

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