10 Proven Ways How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

2. Weigh yourself every day to help lose weight without exercise

A four year study involving 875 participants revealed that those who used their smart scales the most lost more weight.[4] Men lost an additional 2.5 lbs and women lost 2 lbs in 1 year.

Research has shown that more or less 40% of weight lost by any means is regained in 1 year, and close on 100% of weight lost is regained after 5 years.

One study has proven that weighing yourself frequently and keeping track of the results is effective for maintaining your weight.[5]

For the study, 162 participants were given a target of losing 10% of their body weight. Half the participants weighed themselves daily and recorded their weight on a graph, and the other half didn’t. After a year, both groups lost about 5% of their weight. But only the group that weighed themselves daily kept the weight off in the second year.

What can you do? For effective results and ease of use, use a smart scale that can be synced to your mobile device. Here is a review on the BeetsBlu smart scale, and there are many others available. A normal bathroom scale can also be used together with a “weight loss tracker spreadsheet” that can be freely downloaded from the Internet

weight loss infographic

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