10 Proven Ways How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

8. Make smart alcohol choices to help lose weight without exercise

Ideally, alcohol should be eliminated for maximum weight loss results. But if you do choose to drink alcohol, drink in moderation. Research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits. Moderate alcohol consumption of about a drink a day is linked to a 14-25% reduction in heart disease risk compared to no alcohol at all.[18]

Your choice of alcohol can have a significant impact on your calorie intake. Cocktails and other sugar filled alcoholic drinks are the worst calorie culprits. And unfortunately those yummy craft beers are also packed with calories, so if you have to drink beer, light beers are the better option. Although straight shots or on the rocks drinks have the least calories, the ellagic acid in red wine helps to delay the growth of fat cells while slowing the development of new fat cells.[19]

What can you do? Eliminate alcohol or drink in moderation. Avoid sweetened drinks, the sweeter a drink is, the more calories it has. Switch to red wine.

Calories In Alcoholic Drinks Infographic

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

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