10 Proven Ways How to Stop Negative Thinking

10. Distract yourself

Sometimes you know that whatever negative thought you’re having is just silly and isn’t true, but you’re not able to shake it. When this happens, the best thing to do is distract yourself. Think about something else, immerse yourself in an activity or conversation; actively use your brain to do something else.

What can you do? Tell yourself to stop. Say it out loud, hit your hand on the table, say it like you mean it. You need to act out against your negative thoughts and control them, rather than the other way around. You can also put your mind to doing something else, like making plans for the weekend or imagining a relaxing vacation.
Negative Thinking Infographic

Image Source: Happify

About The Author:

Andrea Garcia is an author and psychologist at CogniFit, a major vendor in psychological assessment batteries. Andrea is continuing her studies as a sexologist and psychologist, and she enjoys helping people improve quality of life through clinical practice and communication.

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