10 Proven Ways To Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex

10. Women – Wear heels

According to a study, the taller the heel, the more helpful behaviors were activated in men, which means that men were more willing and likely to help a women wearing taller heels.[7]

What to do: Take advantage of those high-heels that you have in your closet.

Try to make peace with those heels that have been hiding away, but if you’re too uncomfortable or clumsy in heels, go with a lower heel or flats. It’s better to walk upright then wear nice shoes!

Love And Attraction Infographic

About The Author:

Andrea Garcia is an author and psychologist at CogniFit, a major vendor in psychological assessment batteries. Andrea is continuing her studies as a sexologist and psychologist, and she enjoys helping people improve quality of life through clinical practice and communication.



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