10 Proven Ways To Help Learn Anything Better

1. Mentally plan to help learn anything better

Many people underestimate the importance of mental planning. Planning how you’re going to study or go about learning something new is one of the most important steps to learning something quickly and efficiently. If you’re able to get yourself organized and prioritize what you have to do, you’ll be able to perform better and learn more efficiently. You might find it a little hard to plan at first, but luckily this cognitive skill can be trained and improved.

How can you do it?
1. Compile all of the information and material that you think you’ll need. It’s important to do this before you start working!
2. A written test isn’t the same as a multiple choice test – figure out what your goal is
3. Brain storm- Think about different ideas that can get you to your goal
4. Make a study plan based off of how much time you have, possible interruptions, and the type of material
5. Create goals. For example, make a daily goal and break it into smaller, more manageable parts.

planning study time infographic

Image Source: Pens and Machine

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