10 Proven Ways To Help Learn Anything Better

10. Believe in yourself to help learn anything better

If you’re constantly worrying about failing and not doing well, you’ll actually start to believe it and it could change your performance. Positive thinking and believing in yourself is a big part of learning a new skill or idea, so thinking that you can do it will help you actually achieve it.[6]

How can you do it? Visualize yourself completing the goal you set for yourself. Say a mantra to yourself- it can help you focus and make you feel better. Try something like “you got this”, or “believe in yourself”. It may feel silly at first, but you’ll see that it’ll come naturally over time and can have big benefits.

How the Brain Retains Information Infographic

Image Source: Mindflash

About The Author:

Pablo García-Bartolomé is a writer and psychologist for CogniFit, a major vendor in neuropsychological assessments. Pablo is a Development and Educational psychologist., and his research field covers memory, metamemory, language and childhood development. Pablo is passionate about psychology and is always happy to share his knowledge with others.

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