10 Proven Ways To Help Learn Anything Better

2. Use a study method to help learn anything better

There are a number of different study methods, and you’ll have to try a few different ones to find what works best in your case. The PQRST is a favorite among students, and has proven helpful in the case of some learning disorders like dyslexia, ADHD, etc… PQRST is an acronym: Preview, Question, Read, Self-recite, Test.[1]

How can you do it? The PQRST method has 5 steps:
1. Review the entire chapter or text that you want to study. This will give you a general idea of the material that you’ll be covering. Take a look at your notes, read summaries about the topic, research the author, etc.
2. Create questions to ask yourself after each section. This will help you understand the main idea of the text.
3. Read through the text carefully and try to relate the information to other topics or information that you already know. You can underline and highlight sections here (with discretion!)
4. Write a short summary about what you’ve read.
5. Test yourself about the material you’ve read. If you realize you need more work on one section, go back and study that material.


Study Methods Infographic

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