10 Proven Ways To Help Prevent Dementia

10. Stress less

Stressing is a significant risk factor for dementia.[10] Stress is normal, but learn to read the signs and know when to take a break. There are ways to control and overcome the stress in your life. Being in nature can help relieve stress and tension.

What to do: Get outside and enjoy nature! Spend some time in a green area, like parks or the beach, and enjoy the time you have outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. Remember to turn off your phone and disconnect every once in a while. Our bodies need it!

Science of Alzheimers Infographic

Image Source: Cargo Collective

About The Author:

Marina Vázquez is a psychologist and writer at CogniFit, the leader in cognitive assessments. She is currently studying health psychology and clinical neuropsychology, and is an active member of various humanitarian and emergency aide organizations.

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