5 Of The Best Supplements For Depression

3. 5-HTP for depression

The body makes 5-HTP from tryptophan, an amino acid that comes from food. 5-HTP is then changed into the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps to regulate mood. Dietary tryptophan is however inadequate for increasing 5-HTP levels and 5-HTP supplements are necessary.

Some research has proven that 5-HTP can work as efficiently as several kinds of antidepressants for treating individuals having mild – moderate depression. One study found that individuals taking 5-HTP had the same results as those taking the antidepressant Imipramine.[7]

An analysis of studies published in 2012 however came to the conclusion that 5-HTP is no better than a placebo.[8]

What to know: This is adequate proof that 5-HTP is useful for increasing levels of serotonin. Considering the lack of side effects as opposed to antidepressants, it might be worth giving 5-HTP a try to see if it works for you. Although most studies used daily doses of 150-800 mg, some studies used higher doses. Daily doses of 400 mg for up to a year have been used safely. Don’t make use of 5-HTP if you take antidepressant medication.

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5 Htp For Depression

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