6 Of The Best Ab Exercises That Will Not Hurt Your Back

3. Dead bug crunches

Dead bugs will strengthen weak abdominals and maintain safe back support throughout the exercise as your back will remain flat on the floor or exercise mat. This exercise will also help correct anterior pelvic tilt (your butt sticks out behind you and your belly in front of you) that may be the cause of any extension based back pain cause by excessive arch in your back. This posture is common and natural in gymnasts, but not in those of us who are not.

How to do them: Laying flat on your back, stretch the arms outwards above you extended toward the ceiling. Raise your thighs till they are perpendicular to the floor, the knees should now be pointing at the ceiling. Bend your knees at 90 degree angles until your lower legs are parallel with the floor. Flatten your back into the floor and hold it there throughout the exercise. Now lower your left arm ABOVE your head until it almost touches the floor as you simultaneously lower your right leg until it is straight and just above the floor. Pausing momentarily, slowly return to the position you started with and repeat with the right arm and left leg. Carry on alternating left, right, left until you can do no more. Don’t arch your back during this exercise, concentrate on keeping it flat and in contact with the floor.

How to do dead bug crunches

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