6 Of The Best Ab Exercises That Will Not Hurt Your Back

6. Superman

Primarily used as a lower back exercise, the Superman engages, stretches and tightens all of the muscles from your rear deltoids down to your calves including your core and abdominals, if you hold the position for any length of time, you will feel these muscles shake and quiver.

How to do them: Lie flat and face down on the floor or exercise mat with your arms fully extended in front and legs straight behind you, imagine Superman flying. In one simultaneous motion, raise your arms, legs and chest off of the floor by contracting all of the muscles of your back and core. Hold this position as long as you can. Once you are unable to continue, slowly lower your body back to the mat and relax. Rest briefly and repeat for as many repetitions as you can. During each training session try to hold your Superman for a slightly longer time each workout. As a variation, or as a slightly easier version for the beginner, instead of lifting both arms and legs, lift one arm and the opposite leg, exactly as you did in the Bird Dog. Alternate sides equally to guarantee balance training and results.

How to do superman exercise

When your core is strong and stable, your spine remains upright and aligned while your body freely swivels around it as it should. If you attempt to strengthen only one set of core muscles, your spine can easily be destabilized by pulling it out of alignment and that leads to back pain. Train your core from every angle and you will also develop your abdominal muscles – without the pain!

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