Beets BLU Smart Scale Review

Research has shown that 40% of people who have dramatic weight loss results also experience dramatic weight gain within 1 year. But a study has proven that the trick to keeping the weight off is by weighing yourself every day with a smart scale and tracking the results.

Other research has shown that people using smart scales lose more weight.

One such smart scale is the Beets BLU Bluetooth Bathroom Scale. The Beets BLU smart scale measures your body composition and automatically tracks and stores the results in your phone.

The scale works together with the SmartScale free downloadable app which is available for Android and iOS. The SmartScale app also integrates with the Apple iPhone app. It’s advisable to check if the free SmartScale app works on your android device before purchasing the scale.

The thin black and silver scale together with the blue backlit digital display will look good in any bathroom.

Setting the scale up is very easy and four AAA batteries are included. Install the app on your phone, create your user profile with a few very basic details and you are good to go.

Every time you step on the scale the information is recorded to the app.

The Beets BLU scale can measure:

  • BMI
  • Body Weight
  • Muscle Mass Percentage
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Lean Body Mass Percentage
  • Bone Percentage
  • Hydration Percentage

Another useful feature the scale has is the ability for multiple people to use it. Anyone with the app installed on their mobile device can create their own profile and connect to the scale. The app needs to be downloaded by each person, and the scale detects which person is using it.

It can also be connected to the Apple Health App, and you can choose whether you want to see any changes over a 7 or 30 day period.

There are multiple different views in the app for helping to analyze data. Averages are calculated and green and red arrows are used to show how you are trending. Goals can also be set by selecting a target value for BMI, weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, or muscle mass percentage.

Healthy Plate Infographic

Image Source: One Medical

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