Research Has Found That Blueberry Consumption Can Help Improve Memory

Researchers have reported that blueberries improve memory. The research establishes a foundation for extensive human clinical studies to determine if blueberries truly are worthy of their increasing reputation as a memory booster.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: abs/10.1021/jf9029332

The scientists explain that earlier research in lab animals indicate that consuming blueberries could help boost memory in the elderly. Up to now, however, there was very little scientific work directed at testing how blueberry supplementation affects memory in humans.

For the study, 1 group of individuals in their 70s having early memory decline consumed roughly the same as 2 to 2 l/2 cups of a commercially obtainable blueberry juice each day for 2 months. The control group consumed a beverage with no blueberry juice. The blueberry juice group demonstrated major improvement on learning and memory tests.

These initial memory results are encouraging and indicate that regular blueberry supplementation could offer an approach to delay or minimize neurodegeneration.

Brain Foods Infographic

Image Source: SunWarrior

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