17 Proven Coping Strategies For Stress

10. Kissing is a proven coping strategy for stress

While hugging is an expression of love, kissing is both love and romance. There are several ways it reduces stress.[16] These include:

  • Kissing activates the release of a range of hormones that include oxytocin and dopamine. These support a positive mental attitude and improved immunity – all good for stress reduction.
  • A reduction in the mental ‘noise’ contributing to stress.
  • The feel good effect of kissing lowers cortisol levels
  • The adrenal rash associated with kissing makes your heart pump more strongly.
  • Normal cortisol level is associated with a normal blood pressure level.
  • It is good facial exercise. Up to 30 facial muscles are involved in kissing
  • It promotes self-worth and esteem. It makes you feel wanted and loved.

What to do: So long as you are kissing the right person and the action is genuinely reciprocated, then the associated benefits are many.

Health Benefits of Kissing

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