17 Proven Ways To Help Cope With Stress

11. Having a pet is a proven coping strategy for stress

Research has proven that interacting with animals helps reduce stress.[17] Oxytocin levels are increased and cortisol production decreased just by petting an animal. Taking a pet dog can also help you to move your thoughts from a stressful situation. Other ways it helps you include:

  • Helps your brain to release the feel good hormones that make you less anxious and depressed.
  • It makes you exercise more as you need to walk it.
  • Gives you some responsibility and purpose as you have to take care of it and meet its needs.
  • Helps you to interact with others as you walk it and maybe talk about your pets or other mood lifting conversation
  • A pet’s love is unconditional and you don’t have to worry about whether you have said something wrong to it and neither will it give you advice that you don’t need. It’s just there to obey you.

What to do: Choose a pet that suits your circumstances. Also consider the residential and city laws about keeping pets. You don’t want added stress from the authorities due to keeping a pet that goes against the law.

health benefits of owning a pet

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