17 Proven Ways To Help Cope With Stress

12. Giving is a proven coping strategy for stress

One ancient book says ‘there is more joy in giving than in receiving’. People who help others in small as well as in big ways such as volunteer service have been found to be better at tackling their own difficult and stressful situations.[18] Giving has a positive effect on your mental status. It promotes social interaction and strengthens relationships. Working with others also promotes mental wellbeing and a purpose in life.

What to do:

  • Voice your gratitude to a person who has done something for you.
  • Call or visit a friend who needs encouragement or company
  • Offer voluntary service to your community school, a home, church or hospital and some other such places
  • Offer your talents to people who need it but probably cannot afford it. For example singing – if you are good at it.
The Science of Giving

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