17 Proven Ways To Help Cope With Stress

6. Unplugging devices is a proven coping strategy for stress

The widespread use and dependence of electronic gadgets is a source of stress. Cell phones, computers and TVs are the main stress contributing items in the home. Their heavy use is associated with fatigue and sleep disorders.[10]

Sometimes life just gets too overwhelming that you just want to get away. It doesn’t help that with today’s technology, we’re always available.[11] Take the time to just put everything aside and relax without any distractions.

What to do: Put away your phone, shut down your laptop, and just put aside any electronic devices. Try to forget about anything that causes you stress, and instead choose to get some fresh air and reflect on positive things. Think of it as taking a mental vacation. These simple measures help you to create a more tranquil environment:

  1. As much as it is possible, avoid use and dependence on offending gadgets
  2. Do not have a TV in your bedroom
  3. Avoid using a computer or watching TV some hours before bedtime
  4. Take a relaxing warm bath before bedtime
  5. Unplug all LED devices that emit light
Brain on ScreenTime Infographic

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