17 Proven Ways To Help Cope With Stress

7. Hugging and cuddling is a proven coping strategy for stress

Hugging is a way of showing closeness and trust. It has a direct effect on a person’s physiology. Frequent hugging has been linked with reduced symptoms of the common cold, a drop in blood pressure and fewer anxiety disorders.[12] Having physical contact with someone though hugging or cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone promotes bonding, whether it’s between mother and child, or between friends. Oxytocin has the ability to lower your stress, by lowering your blood pressure, and lowering anxiety.[13] Apart from lessening our anxiety it also makes us more sociable and this is good for the management and prevention of emotional disorders.

What to do: First, find a friend or a loved one. Then, just ask for a hug, or even to cuddle with them while watching TV. Having healthy doses of oxytocin will really help to relieve much of the stress you might be facing. Interestingly, the benefits of hugging work only where there is trust between the individuals. Without trust, it has no effect. Hugging a pet can produce similar results.

hugs infographic

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