Surviving Stage IV Cancer With Natural Treatments

Stage IV cancer is when the cancer has progressed beyond the original area to other organs of the body as well as lymph nodes and nearby blood vessels. Stage IV cancer is also known as metastatic cancer and can usually no longer be treatable with localized treatments such as radiotherapy or surgery unless the metastasis has only spread to one specific location and is still accessible. Stage IV cancer is the most advanced form of the disease, and usually has a poor survival rate in comparison to earlier stages of the disease.

Peggy Sue was given 2 to 3 months to live after being diagnosed in 2007 with 22-tumors in her upper body and stage-IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You can read her story here: Peggy Sue Survived Cancer. She started with conventional treatments, but had to stop after almost dying from the chemo. As she was unable to continue with treatment, she was sent home to die. She and her husband researched natural cancer treatments, and she then underwent treatment at a Mexican cancer clinic specializing in alternative cancer treatments. After 3 weeks of natural cancer treatment, she was out of danger and ten years later she’s still living a cancer-free life.

Here are 2 of the natural treatments that were made use for helping Peggy Sue to survive stage IV cancer:

Sonodynamic Therapy

Sonodynamic Therapy involves combining low-intensity ultrasound and sonosensitizers, which are specialized chemical agents. Ultrasound is used for penetrating deeply into the tissue and can be focused on a tiny tumor area for activating a sonosensitizer, allowing for the non-invasive eradication of tumors.

Sonodynamic Therapy

Oxygen Treatment

Healthy cells thrive on oxygen but cancer cells don’t, they thrive on sugar. Oxygen provides much less fuel (2 energy molecules) for cancer cells compared to sugar (2 energy molecules). It makes sense then that oxygen can help to fight cancer.

Peggy Sue’s advice is to do your research first before determining what the best option is for you. She also recommends the United States located Cancer Free Living center that treats the root cause of cancer on the genetic level.

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