10 Proven Health Benefits of Yoga You Need to Know

4. Yoga for asthma

Some studies have found yoga to improve symptoms and quality of life in asthma patients. The emphasis that yoga places on posture and deep, long breaths improves the efficiency and capacity of the lungs, which in turn helps to reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks.

The results of one study showed a 66.7% reduction in the use of asthma inhalers after 4 weeks of daily 50 minute yoga sessions. The study participants also had much fewer asthma attacks.[9]

In another study, 66% of asthma patients who practiced yoga regularly, either reduced or completely stopped using cortisone medication.[10]

Yoga poses for asthma:

Cobra pose, Bridge pose, Downward dog pose, Corpse pose, Upward plank pose

The Health Benefits Of Yoga

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