The Science Behind the Human Brain

We are still only beginning to understand the complexities of how the human brain works. It will be a long time yet before we can fully understand it, and in truth, we may never be able to completely understand all its little intricacies. However, even the little amount that neuroscientists know about it is fascinating but even they acknowledge that many mysteries of the brain may never be unraveled. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through what we know about the workings of the brain and explains how we can maintain a healthy brain throughout our life. Sometimes we can push mental health to one side when we’re busy and it really is time we stopped being so naive.

Brain development is a captivating area and some research has shown that our brains are still developing until our 30s but the majority of development (90%) is done by the age of 3. Many also argue that brain development is complete by the age of 25 and researchers are still unsure of the exact timeline.

The amount of activity in our brain in the early years of our life is staggering. For example, brain synapses are steadily eliminated as the brain develops, and an average two or three-year-old has around 15,000 synapses per neuron. This is generally cut in half by the time they’re an adult.

The development of the prefrontal cortex is vital as it is responsible for so many important functions. People with mental issues often have issues with the prefrontal cortex, so let’s take a closer look at all its different roles. One important function of the prefrontal cortex is in the realm of impulse control and self-discipline. Just consider for a second how important impulse control is to lead a normal life – without it the world would be a very strange place. Other important functions of the prefrontal cortex include decision making and impulse control. It is generally referred to as the ‘brain center’.

Even though, much of our brain development is done by our 30s, there is still plenty we can do throughout our lives to ensure our brain stays healthy. Meditation has a great deal of research behind it to back up its mental health benefits, and it may even help with development of the prefrontal cortex.

Other factors such as stress can have an extremely detrimental effect on brain health so we really need to be careful in this regard. Modern life and stress seem to be interlinked and it has become more and more difficult to manage everything. We must ensure to put our health above all else and take measures to ensure stress doesn’t get out of hand.

Interestingly, new research has shown that we may be able to form new neural connections in our brain through a process called ‘neuroplasticity’ so it will be fascinating to see how quickly that develops in years to come. Check out the infographic for more important information about the brain and brain health. Start taking proper care of your brain today.

The Science Behind the Human Brain

Image Source: Study Medicine Europe

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