Why We Need to Switch to Natural Pain Relief

Prescription painkillers are addictive, harmful, cost our society more than it can afford, and they kill.

Natural pain relief, such as CBD oil, a cannabis-derived alternative, has none of those issues.

People who suffer from chronic pain, or have suffered a recent injury, women on their period, and those who are going through treatment for life-threatening conditions, know how miserable, even unbearable this pain can make our lives.

Most of us turn to prescription or off-the-shelf painkillers. Many of these are opiates, such as oxycodone and tramadol are semi-synthesised, drugs derived from opium which are in the same highly addictive opioid group as heroin. In fact, the situation is getting so bad in America that it’s frequently referred to in the media and Washington as an opioid epidemic, or crisis.

An opioid epidemic

From 1996 to 2001, U.S. drugs giant, Purdue Pharma, paid for hundreds of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals to “Pain management symposia” in sunny locations, such as Florida, Arizona and California. Giving medical professionals a break from patients and paperwork, a chance to network and learn more about new treatments.

One that Purdue was pushing aggressively was OxyContin, which included the semi-synthetic opioid oxycodone, a morphine like drug based on elements of the opium poppy. Once used to treat cancer pain, scientists realised it would also benefit those with chronic conditions and other pains.

At the same time that Purdue and other big pharma companies were hosting symposia, they doubled their sales force and gave doctors 30-day free coupons so they could let patients try these drugs for pain that previously wasn’t managed using opiates.

During those 6 years, prescriptions for OxyContin – and competing drugs – increased tenfold, from 670,000 annualy to more than 6 million. This dramatic increase and the resulting dependencies, not only for chronic pain, but any kind of pain; a headache, period, aching back, triggered an opioid epidemic that is having lasting and serious consequences.

In a landmark case, Purdue was sued in 2007 for $600 million for misleading the public about the addictive qualities of OxyContin, while making billions from the drug. In the pursuit of profits, 5,000 people a year were dying as a result of prescription opioids. But a defeat in court didn’t reverse the rise of prescription painkillers. From 2002 to 2012, the number dying from prescription opioids increased to 15,000 every year.

America has experienced this sort of thing before. In the 1980s and 90s, crack sold on street corners caused devastation amongst urban African American communities. In the 2000s and ever since, prescription opioids and backyard-cooked methamphetamine’s are devastating lives and families amongst rural, white, working and middle class communities. Some of the hardest hit areas include West Virginia, New Hampshire, Kentucky and Ohio, although the crisis is now nationwide.

Way too many people are dying from opioids.

A far safer alternative: CBD Oil

From managing pain, to making periods and migraines easier to cope with, reducing anxiety and mitigating chronic pain, people everywhere are coming forward talking about their positive experiences with CBD.

Many people, including patients and doctors, say that it is worth using. In 2015, supporting all of this evidence, a wide-ranging study was published that included data from 79 trials (6,462 participants), which “reported improvements to symptoms compared with patients in placebo groups.”

Nowadays, we are using hardcore prescription meds in excessive quantities. CBD, and also other cannabis plant compounds, could prove to be a safe and effective alternative.  Most in the industry, and those who use CBD, expect the popularity to keep increasing. Are we going to see an increase in 2018?

CBD oil

Image Source: wholeplanthealing

About The Author:

Trent Scanlen founded truthnaturals.co.uk, a retailer and advocate for CBD oil and scientifically proven food supplements in the UK. Truth Naturals is a registered member of the UK Cannabis Trades Association. We have been using CBD oil as a food supplement to improve our rest, recovery and performance– and as supply became varied, we decided to source our own so that we could actively share it with our community.


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