A Back and Biceps Descending Super Set Weight Training Workout

This workout is a mixture of super setting the back with the biceps, and as the workout continues, each super set gets higher in reps, as the sets go down.

  • exercise mat
  • resistance band
  • dumbbells (maybe like 2 or 3 pairs)

The workout

Complete the reps for each exercise, following the exact order below.

SUPER SET x5 sets without rest
dumbbell ROMANIAN DEADLIFT x12 reps
dumbbell BICEPS CURL x20 reps

SUPER SET x4 sets without rest
dumbbell BENT OVER WIDE ROW x15 reps
dumbbell REVERSE BICEPS CURL x20 reps

SUPER SET x3 sets without rest
seated CLOSE GRIP CABLE ROW x20 reps
dumbbell HAMMER CURL x30 reps

For the hammer curls, you don’t have to kneel, you can sit, stand or kneel

Back and Biceps Descending Super Set Workout

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