How Effective Is HGH For Weight Loss?

With obesity rates rising in the US, many people are searching for safe ways of shedding their excess fat as quickly as they can. That has led many people to wonder if HGH is the magic cure for obesity. The answer, quite simply, is no – HGH will not reverse obesity or help a person lose 30 pounds in 30 days. While it is true that HGH helps lose weight by improving metabolic functions so that the body can convert food to fuel rather than fat and start to burn some of the excess fat that has already been stored inside cells, the majority of overweight people will only see a decline of about 10% of their excess body fat during 6 months of treatment with HGH therapy. One positive factor is that human growth hormone aids in rebuilding lean muscle mass which will also help to give the body a more defined and chiseled look while aiding in the burning of calories at an increased rate.[1][2]

HGH for Weight Loss

HGH influences the body to lose weight by stimulating the metabolism in its efforts of processing proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats). When proper metabolic actions are in place, the food that has been consumed can be converted to ready to use fuel to power the body rather than fat that will be stored away for future use.

The other way that HGH helps lose weight is by increasing lean muscle tissue. Since muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat, a person will naturally start to increase their caloric output each day. When this is taken into consideration, along with the fact that energy levels are also increased, many people find that exercise endurance becomes greatly improved which can also contribute to the burning of fat and loss of excess weight.

Benefits and Side Effects of HGH

There are many other benefits of HGH besides weight loss and muscle rebuilding that can aid in how a person looks. Human growth hormone helps to strengthen and rebuild lost bone density, improving structural integrity and reducing the natural loss of height that often accompanies aging when growth hormone levels decline. Standing taller can aid in physical appearance.

During a decline in GH production, cellular regeneration is also decreased. This affects collagen levels which then contribute to sagging skin and increased appearance of wrinkles and cellulite. Hair may become thinner or even fall out, with bald patches showing where there was once a thick head of hair.

HGH therapy helps to improve all of these areas for a more youthful overall appearance.

Side effects of HGH are a topic that is frequently brought up by callers to National HRT. It’s important to note that while some adverse changes such as insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome and edema are possible, the risks are minimized when treatment has been properly prescribed by a hormone replacement therapy specialist. Also, if any side effects are noted, the doctor can decrease the HGH dosage and reverse these unwanted changes.

How long does HGH take to work?

As mentioned at the start of this report, HGH is not a quick fix weight loss diet. HGH for weight loss is not noticeable until after the third month of treatment. That does not mean that it will take that long to witness changes taking place in the body. By that time, muscle tone and definition will start to improve, giving the body the appearance of a gradual firming.

The average weight loss for people who are overweight at the start of HGH therapy is between 8 and 14% of body fat – not total body weight. Although dieting and exercise are not needed for this process to occur, altering lifestyle habits by eating healthier food choices and increasing physical exertion through exercise will significantly improve the results.

HGH supplements vs. HGH injections for weight loss

HGH supplements in pill and powder form are ineffective as HGH does not get broken down in the stomach when ingested. HGH injections are the only method that is effective and should only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

Hgh For Weight Loss

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