10 Ways Regular Exercise Will Change Your Life For The Better

We may not always be in the mood for a good workout, but exercise is a great way to improve our health and wellbeing. Whether you decide to join a new gym or start cycling to work, there are hundreds of ways to make exercise a part of your day-to-day life. Below, we’ve rounded up our top ten reasons why exercising regularly can be life changing.

  1. It will increase your motivation

Setting small, regular goals is a great way to motivate yourself and give you more inspiration. Whether you decide you want to shift a few pounds, or you want to be able to cycle to work without feeling like you’re ready for bed, exercise can make you a more motivated and determined person.

  1. It will improve your health

Exercise is great for your health, and can help reduce issues like health disease, diabetes, and cancer by up to 50%. Those who don’t regularly exercise are more likely to develop long-term health conditions, so get involved and exercise today!

  1. It could increase weight loss

Exercise is a great way to shift a few extra pounds, and it doesn’t have to be painful. You can burn off 340 calories on an hour’s brisk walk, or 560 on a power walk.

  1. It will improve your mood and wellbeing

You might not be too happy heading off to the gym at 6 am, but exercise can be a great mood-booster. Happy endorphins are released when we exercise, which is great for improving your mood and giving you a more positive outlook on life.

  1. You’ll see an increase in energy

Although exercising can burn energy, it can increase it, too. Some exercises are great for decreasing fatigue and boosting your energy by up to 20%, so skip the energy drink and get to the gym!

  1. It will give you a routine

With sedentary jobs and hectic lifestyles, many of us are guilty of putting our families and jobs before our health. Adding regular exercise into your day is a great way to give you some structure and routine.

  1. It will improve your fitness levels

If you get out of breath walking up the stairs at work, it may be time to dust off your running shoes and go for a jog. Even light, regular exercise is good for improving your fitness levels.

  1. It helps build relationships

Attending an exercise class is a great way to improve your fitness and make some new friends, and your partner and family will appreciate a more active, positive you.

  1. You’ll spend more time outdoors

Whether you decide to go for a bike ride or take a walk through the park, participating in exercise can help reconnect you to where you live, and encourage you to spend more time exploring nature.

  1. It’s a new you kick-start

Exercise can be a great way to kick start a new you. Whether you’re overweight or just unfit, doing some exercise can give you the inspiration to make a real change.


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